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Where To Go To Get A Home Loan

The first step to getting a home loan is an obvious one, but it is often the thing that keeps people from getting a home loan the most.

The first step of getting a home loan is to go ask for one.

Most first time home buyers will go to their bank to inquire about a home loan.  You will be seated at a desk while a loan officer that works at the bank asks you some questions.  After he or she puts your information in the computer they will inform you if your credit rating looks good or bad and then inform you how much they are willing to lend you based on said rating.  

If you are unsatisfied with what your bank has to say or if you have trust issues with your bank you have other options.

There are great mortgage companies out there that sometimes can crunch the numbers a little more and get you a bit more than what the bank can on your loan.  

There are a couple ways that you can find a good place to get a loan.  First, ask you friends or family who own homes who they get their loan from and if they have had a good or bad experience in dealing with their lender.

Another and perhaps most effective way to find a good mortgage company or bank to get a home loan is to talk to local realtors.  Do not just talk to one, talk to a few of them if you can and ask them what the best place to get a home loan is.  See if you can get a consensus.

A realtor will know where the best place to get a home loan is because they like to sell houses.


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